Mercury Free Dentistry

It is a known fact that some people are more sensitive to the presence of amalgam fillings in their teeth. Amalgam fillings once placed slowly leach mercury into the mouth and although this is yet to be clinically proven to show a significant risk to health, there is a growing swell of opinion that the use of amalgam should be phased out of dentistry.

Amalgam however is a great material to use aside from the potential toxicity debate. It is strong, durable, easy to place and amalgam fillings can be a lot less expensive compared with white composite resin or porcelain fillings. It must also be remembered that over the course of a lifetime dietary sources of mercury will be the cause of much greater exposure than that of amalgam fillings.

Having considered all the facts it is appropriate to deal with every patient individually when considering a mercury free approach to dental care. If it was thought that replacement of your amalgam fillings had a good chance of giving you health benefits then we would aim to use the most biocompatible materials and techniques to remove and replace these fillings. At Cudworth dental surgery we have the latest equipment available so as to minimise your exposure to mercury on removal of your amalgam fillings. We would also be more than happy to discuss with you the relative pros/cons of the other filling material options such as white composite resin or porcelain fillings.

Modern techniques for placing tooth coloured fillings and public concern over the potential toxicity of amalgam fillings has already seen its use decline in the UK. It is becoming more commonplace for dentists to now take a holistic approach to caring for their patients and our team leader in this subject is Dr Leanne Nicholls. Leanne is a member of the Mercury Free Dental Association and has attended lectures and conferences all around the country for many years learning about this field of dentistry. She has helped hundreds of patients that have identified themselves as sensitive individuals to the exposure of mercury and has helped them by removing and replacing their amalgam fillings as part of an overall detoxification programme. If this is something which you would like to investigate further, please feel free to contact us on 01226 710380 and ask to be booked in for a Mercury Free consultation with Leanne. During the consultation she will listen to your concerns, examine and possibly x-ray your teeth and then discuss with you the possible treatment options which may suit your dental needs.