Home Teeth Whitening

At Cudworth dental surgery we offer a very effective tooth whitening programme. The results are immediate and you will see a definite improvement in the whiteness of your teeth after the first time you use our tooth whitening programme. To implement our home teeth whitening we follow the 3 stages outlined below:

Stage 1: Your dentist will take accurate impressions of your teeth.

Stage 2: Special 'Custom-made' whitening trays are constructed by an experienced dental technician to closely fit to the shape and contour of your teeth

Stage 3: You will then be instructed by your dentist how frequently to wear your whitening trays. You will be given a demonstration explaining how much gel is required and how long you should keep your trays in for each application.

Your dentist will fully demonstrate to you how to use the home whitening kit before you take it away and provide you with the backup of fully written instructions. You will also have support from your dentist throughout your whitening treatment should you require any further assistance, at no additional cost.

Advantages of Home Teeth Whitening at Cudworth dental surgery:

  • Very Reliable (the results are amazing and extremely predictable)
  • Cost effective (may avoid more expensive cosmetic treatments such as veneers)
  • Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate technique for your teeth
  • Support from your dentist before, during and after treatment
  • Before and after shade taking to assess success

Teeth whitening in the hands of anyone other than an experienced dentist:
It may be tempting to undergo a teeth whitening programme with someone other than a dentist, especially if it appears to be cheaper. However, please be very cautious of trying this as several things can go wrong. Firstly if the teeth whitening is not prescribed/supported by a dentist it is often illegal. But also the teeth whitening programme may not be appropriate for your teeth, it could make your teeth look worse, it could damage your teeth&gums or it may not make any difference. Always take advice from your dentist before using any whitening products on your teeth.

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